Wednesday 13 September 2006

Washing Away Your Sins

A nice paper by Chen-Bo Zhong and Katie Liljenquist in Science about the "Macbeth effect" : a threat to one’s moral purity induces the need to wash. This effect revealed itself through an increased mental accessibility of washing-related concepts, a greater desire for cleansing products, and a greater likelihood of taking antiseptic wipes. Furthermore, they show that physical cleansing alleviates the upsetting consequences of unethical behavior and reduces threats to one’s moral self-image.


Rorty vs. the Moral Mind (bis)

Olivier (see here) pointed out several mistakes in Rorty’s review of Marc Hauser’s last book on morality. I’d like to follow up on his work since I think Rorty’s conception of morality is even more to blame than he thinks.


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