It's official: from Benedict XVI to Dan Dennett, debunking postmodernism is fashionable. Even in a feminist book review, one can read such things as:

In her last book, The Female Thing, Laurence Kipnis offers no answers but does a Derrida on the female situation and leaves us to sort out the awful mess.

As though the author was alluding to some entry in our mental lexicon, reading:

Derrida (to do a): to spoil a subject-matter. To obscure it with irrational sophistry. ex: "Your next exam shall deal with physical geography of the Netherlands. This time, please, don't do a derrida!" ; "In the eighties, talking seriously about AIDS became very difficult after Susan Sontag did a derrida on it"

To Derride: to demean one's claims to truth and accuracy with a spurious mixt of ideological and historical arguments; to debase a science or an academic field with the same technique (also: to do a derrida of it). Ex: "I wonder how long he will keep on derriding quantum mechanics without some real physicist stopping him".

A picture of the Hard Rock band Derrida; below: the Derrida Faux Leather Couch (which you can order here).