Monday 27 October 2008


Dear readers, Alphapsy has been dead for over two years, and now its authors are moving to a new website, the International Cognition and Culture Institute, HERE.

Saturday 2 December 2006

Encephalon Blog Carnival: last call for submissions!

Dear Brains,

The next issue of Encephalon, the cognitive science blogs carnival, will be hosted here on Monday! Don't forget to submit, and thanks to those who already did. I am already having a very good time reading your contributions. See you monday!


Tuesday 7 November 2006

Art's Pattern Language

This is an extremely speculative post exploring multimodal perception in artists. It was primed by this fascinating paper written by " a multimedia conceptual artist (...) working on a series of projects that explore the nature of rainbows and the music of waterfalls in relation to the forgotten universal language of Solresol, invented by Jean François Sudre in the mid-nineteenth century" (surely the guy has organized his whole career to contend for the Hype Curriculum World Prize) and by Chris Chatham's no less interesting reflections on visual pattern recognition in musicians.

James Peel, Goldberg Variations Series, after Bach, Variations no. 4, 2005.


Friday 3 November 2006

Links Galore II

This week's selection of links from the blogosphere.


Sunday 15 October 2006

Links Galore

We've been very busy lately repelling a huge spamming attack (thanks to the amazing french soft Spamplemousse for saving us!), while the naturalistic news were piling up. Here is a list of the posts you just escaped.


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