Topics in the Semantics of Interrogative Clauses

VIENNA, March 2010

Benjamin Spector






Š        Hand-Out 1         Sets of Answers vs. Partition Semantics

Š        Hand-Out 2         Partition Semantics Continued – Weak and Strong Exhaustivity

Š        Hand-Out 3          Singular wh-questions, Alternative Questions, and Maximal Informativity

Š        Hand-Out 4         Karttunen-inspired compositional semantics for questions

Š        Hand-Out 5           Degree Questions – Negative Islands

Š        Hand-Out 6           Hand-Out of a 2007 talk (with Paul Egré) on Question Embedding Predicates



Š        Paul Hagstrom, What questions mean

Š        Irene Heim, Interrogative Semantics and Karttunen's Semantics for `Know'

Š        Jeroen Groenendijk & Martin Stokhof, Partitioning Logical Space (Lecture Notes for ESSLLI 1990)

Š        Sigrid Beck & Hotze Rullmann, A flexible approach to exhaustivity in questions

Š        Yael Sharvit, Embedded Questions and `De Dicto' Readings

Š        Danny Fox & Martin Hackl, The Universal Density of Measurement

Š        Márta Abrusán & Benjamin Spector, A Semantics for Degree Questions Based on Intervals: Negative Islands and their Obviation

Š        Danny Fox, Too Many Alternatives: Density, Symmetry and Other Predicaments

Š        Márta Abrusán, Presuppositional and Negative Islands: A Semantic Account

Š        Benjamin Spector, An unnoticed reading for wh-questions: quantified elided answers and weak islands